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FC/APC XX Zayıflatıcılar

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TTAF Electronic offers high quality build-out attenuators ranging from 1 to 30dB.Each attenuator is made with continuous light-absorbing and metal-ion doped fiber which offers excellent environmental stability and low back reflection. The front of the attenuator is a male plug connector style that allows the attenuators to be plugged directly into receiver equipment or adaptors in patch panel. The rear is a female socket adaptor that allows a patch cord to be mated into the back of the attenuator. The attenuator is available in SC, FC, ST, LC, and MU type.In a fiber optic system, build out attenuators play an important role in controlling optical power levels in Telecommunications, CATV applications and other single mode fiber optic communications applications. As such, they must offer consistent performance over a range of operating conditions
so attenuation levels remain constant and predictable.


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